Ernie Wolfe III has been an avid local waters aficionado at least since he was ten, a lot of it in Santa Monica Bay adjacent. His idea about this show was to throw out a theme to which a group of “local artists” could respond, pretty much any way they desired as long as there might be the perception that their perspective could be perceived as being somehow possibly piscatorial. The idea of local fish has always been less territorial and more conceptual.

So, the artists were asked, if they have something fishy up their sleeve, whether directly piscatorial, or environmentally oriented therefrom, these are the issues which we hoped to see reflected in the work they decided to contribute to this exhibition. It can be old work, it can be new work, it can be photos, drawings, sculpture, cualquiera.

Piscatorial Perceptions provided by, in no particular order and not exactly by school, but what a School!

Ed Moses, Andy Moses, Ken Price, Larry Bell, Tony Berlant, Billy Al Bengston, Chuck Arnoldi, Natalie Arnoldi, Peter Alexander, Gwynn Murrill, Ned Evans, Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, Jim Ganzer, Laddie John Dill, Guy Dill, Roy Dowell, David Bungay, Joe Goode, Charles Hill, Jimmy Hayward, Jill Giegerich, John Luebtow, Steve Galloway, John Okulick, Lita Albuquerque, Robert Graham, Peter Shelton, Michael McMillen, Alexis Smith, Bill Brice, Evan Mauer, Kelly Berg, Scott Grieger, Benezate, George Herms, Norton Wisdom, Ernie Wolfe III, Peter Shire

A percentage of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Heal the Bay

Exhibition will continue through the summer.

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