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Drawing on 40+ years of field collecting in both East and West Africa, the Ernie Wolfe Gallery specializes in juxtaposition exhibitions between the works of modern American, often Southern California based artists, and those of contemporary African painters and sculptors, as well as traditional tribal sculpture and furniture.



Zachary Aronson

Scorched Portraiture on wood
in an ambulatory and visually immersive environment


Artist Statement

I use blow torches to draw on wood with fire through my recognition of the relative density and grain structure in my chosen medium – wood. I explore relationships between man and nature through the use of organic materials and primal tactics.  The larger than life faces I create are exposed and vulnerable, visceral and raw, created using a traditionally destructive element.  I view my artistic practice as a collaboration with nature, instilling new purpose and identity by transforming wood into ash in the primal fusion of fire and earth. 


Zachary Aronson

June 2018